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Malco Ultra Lightweight Snip

* Ultra Lightweight Metal Cutting Snips
* Strong, Lightweight 10″ (254 mm) Polymer Frame
* Easy-To-Grasp, Protective Handle Loops
* Big 3″ (76 mm) Long Controlled Cut
* Designed for all weather conditions
* Worry Free Blade Changes!

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The ULC10 Ultra Lightweight Metal Cutting Snip offers a light, yet powerful option for cutting aluminum, and 26 gauge steel. The ULC10 has a strong, lightweight 10″ polymer frame and is easy to grasp while making big 3″ long controlled cuts. The Malco ULC10 Lightweight Snips also utilize a fully threaded brass insert, thermally anchored in the blade area of the polymer frame. The insert offers greater holding power with no loss of thread integrity, resulting in superior performance.