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Malco Reversable Hex Driver 2″

* C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Driver
* Reversible 1/4″ & 5/16″ Hex Socket
* Tested one-piece driver strength
* Easy-clean magnet
* Ideal for use with Malco Zip-in and Bit-Tip screws.

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C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Driver. 2″ (Model MSHC). Quickly change between 1/4″ and 5/16″ hex sizes with Malco’s unique, exclusive, dual-sided magnetic hex drivers. The reversible hex socket fits over a 1/4″ magnet-tipped, ball locking hex shaft, and can be quickly reversed to change sizes. Eliminate troublesome buildup of metal shavings in the hex tip with the “Easy Clean Magnet”. Just swipe with a glove or shop towel to clear any metal shavings. Tested torque of the reversible hex chuck driver design is equal to one-piece drivers.