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3/4″ Ball Drain Purge Valve Press

* Webstone 80613W
* Pro-Pal 3/4″ Press
* Lead Free Ball Drain Full Port Brass Ball Valve Hi-Flow Hose Drain
* Eliminates Multiple Fittings
* Reduces Leak Paths
* Saves Space
* Saves Labor
* Avoids Reduced Port Alternatives
* Results in Cleaner Looking Installations
* Supports More Efficient System Operation


Pro-Pal valves are your best choice for efficient installation and system operation, and for helping to control costs. Pro-Pal Valves combine commonly used components into a single forged brass alternative that will save time and space in any installation. Instead of just building your next piping system, innovate it with Pro-Pal Series Valves. Pro-Pal Ball Drain Valve (Lead Free) does not require any assemblies to isolate & drain any portion of a piped system. Handle is reversible that makes installation and usage easier.