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Ridgid Tube Cutter Wheel (e2558)

* Ridgid E2558 cutting wheel uses a machined design to achieve precise cuts on every tube
* Works with aluminum and copper tubing
* Blade exposure measures exactly 0.22 inches
* Thin cutting wheel is built specifically for Ridgid tube cutters
* Attaches for secure hold with center-mounted fixtures
* Pipe cutting wheel includes lifetime warranty that covers material defects and workmanship


This RIDGID? Cutting Wheel E2558 uses a machined design to achieve accurate cuts on several sorts of tubing. It attaches to your existing Ridgid tube cutter to slice through aluminum and copper tubing. You can install it as a replacement to an original thin cutting wheel or use it as an upgrade to a previous model. This accessory relies on a machined designed to create a precise blade exposure that measures 0.22 inches. This gives you sturdy control over every cut, so you can work your way through tubes at a consistent pace without the blade slipping away from the metal surface. This Ridgid wheel is made specifically for Ridged tube cutters. Installation happens quickly. The unit uses a center-mounted fixture to keep the blade secure as you increase tension around metal tubes. It sustains the same durable performance as other Ridgid accessories and supports professional usage in every environment.