Sioux Chief 1/2″ MiniRester


* Straight , Straight sweat arresters are compatible with press-fitting systems, such as Viega ProPress and all push-fitting systems
* Straight, Straight compression arresters install on any ?” nom. copper leg or riser and are especially popular in retrofitting 1/2″ nom. air chambers
* Straight, MIP thread arresters install on any new rough-in or retrofit installation with 1/2″ FIP fittings
* Straight, CPVC solvent weld arresters install on 1/2″ CPVC tube or fittings in rough-in or retrofit applications Straight, PEX MiniResters are available with F1807, F1960 and Viega PexPress connections
* Straight, Products marked with the “No Lead” icon comply with national, no lead product material requirements and also comply with NSF 61, which allows the product to contain no more than 0.25% lead
* Straight, All MiniResters are AA size
* Tee,Full slip tee sweats in-line on 1/2″ CTS near problem valve or fixture
* Tee ? Hose tee arresters install on washing machine supply valves or directly to washing machine
* Tub/Shower Tee ? Sweat branch arresters install easily on sweat tub/shower valves

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Sioux Chief 660 Series piston-type water hammer arresters shall be required in piping systems. Water hammer arresters shall be AA size to control water hammer caused by quick-closing valves on residential fixtures. Arresters shall be effective when installed at any angle. Arresters shall be approved for installation with no access panel required. Water hammer arresters shall be ANSI/ASSE 1010 2004 certified. Arresters shall be sized and placed per manufacturer’s instructions.