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Wood Boiler Treatment Solution

* A proprietary outdoor wood boiler specific product – the consumer?s solution
* Developed by professionals in the field of industrial water treatment
* Will work in all makes and models of outdoor wood boilers, “open” or “closed” systems
* Full spectrum of corrosion inhibitors for both ferrous (iron) and yellow metal (copper and brass) system components for complete corrosion protection for your boiler and heat exchanger alike
* An additional ferrous corrosion inhibitor is added that actually enables better film formation on the metal surface providing and forming a protective barrier
*?Calcium scale retarding polymers are added to help keep your heat transfer surfaces clean and efficient
* Formulation has the ability to fight under deposit corrosion
* Biodegradable and safe to use
* Completely buffered and stabilized product
* Safe for pumps, seals, Pex…your whole system
* Easily test for chemical level with Wood Boiler Solutions LLC approved and inexpensive testing method
* You won?t find a more concentrated product with these capabilities -1 quart will treat a full 200 GALLONS of boiler fill water
* Quart size makes shipping far less expensive
* Compatible with glycol (antifreeze)
* As simple to use as simple gets with the BEST in protection

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