General Gas Pressure Test Kit

SKU: tggpk015


* Measures natural gas (methane) or LP gas pressure across appliance manifolds
* Tests gas stoves, furnaces, dryers and other gas appliances. Can also be used for other non-corrosive gases
* Magnifying lens
* Measurement range: 0 to 15″ of water column (in. H2O)/0 to 9 ounces per square inch (oz./in2)
* Measurement accuracy: 1.5% of full-scale range
* Dial diameter: 2.5″ (64mm)
* 2.5″ (64mm) diameter diaphragm gage
* 39″ (991mm) of rubber tubing
* 1/8″ (10mm) NPT brass fitting for quick connection to an appliance manifold
* Hose clamp
* Custom hard plastic carrying case


The #GPK015 Gas Pressure Test Kit is ruggedized for field use and easier to use than a manometer. Its diaphragm gauge is calibrated in inches of water column and also shows readings in ounces per square inch.