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4″ Cherne Long Test Ball

SKU: mcbl15


* Natural-rubber construction provides an excellent seal
* Compatible with PVC pipes
* Makes sealing wye fittings easy when performing tests on DWV systems
* Withstands up to 13 psi or 30 ft of head pressure
* Ring and chain assembly help prevent the plug from being drawn into the DWV plumbing system during testing
* Includes a 3 ft extension hose with standard car-tire inflation valve


Cherne Long Test-Ball Plugs are designed for waste stack testing and sealing the rise and the run to perform the test, and can be used to seal the wye to conduct sewer air tests. Molded-in sealing ribs at both ends ensure a leak-free seal. A pressure testing product that is effective on almost any type of pipes. Oatey offers you Single-Size Test Ball Plugs that are ideal to effectively pressure test drains, vents, and even waste systems on almost any type of pipes. Featuring a durable rubber construction known to have a higher resistance to abrasion, wear and water and includes zinc-plated steel ring and chain assembly that prevents plug from dropping into DWV system while testing.