About Us

Winnick Supply began its journey in the early 1920’s with Harry Winnick as a peddler with a horse and wagon trading furs and scrap metal. As the business grew, Harry needed a building to run his business. He started working from his home on the North side of Forest Lake. As the years went by his sons David, Louie, Jerry and Mel joined him. They continued to grow the business and needed more space, moving the business to its current location on the south side of Forest Lake. Through the years, the business evolved into selling salvage and new steel, including pipe. Along with the pipe, pipe fittings and plumbing supplies made their way into stock. The 80’s brought change once again, as Harry’s grandson, Ben, joined the family business. He proceeded to build on the foundation that started with Harry in the 20’s, adding not only new buildings, but many new products that are used in the plumbing, heating, septic, water supply and welding industries.

Winnick Supply has from the beginning kept our focus on our customers, listening to their needs and making sure we have more than the basic selection, but proving to be a supply house that has the unique and hard to find items. We pride ourselves on having quality supplies at competitive prices. We also take great strides to sell American made products whenever possible.

We also know having a wide inventory means nothing if you don’t have a knowledgeable staff, and we strive to not only sell an item, but to be able to assist our customers with any questions, technical assistance, or training they may need